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We are here to discuss and showcase some dynamic advertising solutions that are simple to re-create, but yield a high profit margin. We hopefully some of these articles will bring you an insight into dynamic advertising hardware and the applications.

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5 tips for a successful weatherproof projector installation in your backyard

Tips for an outdoor projector installation.

One of the main reasons projectors are not installed outdoors is they need protection and sometimes a completed installation, but let us debunk that idea with the following 5 tips.

Selecting the right projector for your backyard home cinema.

Picking the right projector for your outdoor home cinema is essential one of the key points, so you need to understand if you require a short throw or a long throw the choices are enormous, then you have to think of brand and how many lumens! All this sounds confusing, right?

A short throw projector will enable any home cinema to show large images in a short distance due to the specialist lens in the projector. So you have to first establish where the projector is being located, is this going to be a temporary installation that you have to set up every time you want to throw a movie night, or is this something more permanent that can be used almost every night?

You also need to know about ANSI lumens (mostly referred to as lumens), this really depends on time you intend to show movies and how bright the light is at that time, with solutions up to 50,000 lumens this cannot be covered here.


Position in your backyard.

Next you have to think of the location that the projector is going to be , this really depends on if it’s going to be a temporary or permanent installation and based on the throw length of the projector.

If you are going to have a temporary installation, you have to consider what happens if the children are playing or over excited adults after a few drinks messing with a football and they accidentally damage the projector? What’s your back up plan? Normally temporary setups take on average 3 hours to set up and take down every single time you wish to watch the movie, compared to a 2 hour permanent installation that is a onetime investment in your time.

Protection with a weatherproof projector housing.

There are several things that can effect an outdoor home cinema, the following is only some of them, potential theft of hardware, accidental damage, weather damage to the hardware, all these can be eliminated with a weatherproof projector housing, as these steel housings are designed for outdoor use and come complete with cooling and heating systems preventing condensation to build up inside the housing and damage the projector.

A secure weatherproof projector housing are ideal, as they can be left out all year and the hardware is protected from the weather, no matter how hot or wet! Some enclosures are supplied with cheap locks that can be opened easily, one we found uses high security locks that cannot be opened without the key – so don’t lose it! The weatherproof projector housing then has the complete protection in 1 unit, weatherproof protection and security.

The other option is to take the projector indoors every time you have finished, but this is not possible if there is a sudden down pour of rain, in this instance the hardware will have to be left to dry out if unprotected an hopefully it will be ok, otherwise the hardware will have to be replaced.

Screen choices.

If the screen for example has a width of 10 feet and the projector is 15 feet away from the screen, you need a projector with a ratio of 1.5:1.

For the screen, you can use any part of your property, including the fence, garage door and external walls, so the choice is down to you and your individual situation.


Cable protection.

If you are laying cables in the ground for a permanent installation, you need to put a steel duct along the route of the cables and feed the cables through, as you do not want an accident if you accidently cut through them with a spade while turning over the garden, do you?

If this helped you with ideas on how to install an outdoor home cinema, please pass it on to your friends who may also benefit.

But remember any electronic hardware that is put outdoors needs protecting from the weather, accidental damage and potential theft, so use a secure weatherproof projector housing.

How Smaller Stores Use Digital Media Screens

Small Digital Media Screens For Small Businesses.

When we think of digital signage, it I assumed that only the giants within the retail sector can afford to deploy it, but that is not the case; look at how the smaller stores use digital media screens for promotions too. In a recent report on Digital Signage Today this was covered.

Typically, ‘Mom and Pop’ stores are being left behind as investment in technology is not as important, or possibly they don’t understand digital signage. Larger companies have dedicated departments and resources to create advertising campaigns, whereas smaller chain stores or even single outlets are not using them to increase business and ultimately revenue.

digital media screens

Having the confidence to approach digital signage and replace the old fashioned, traditional forms of adverts, like paper posters, leaflets, fliers and billboards. Paper becomes tatty, lost and discarded, even if there is a promotional coupon attached, whereas revolutionary technology can target audiences, schedule multiple adverts and offer special offers via blue tooth and QR codes, accessible by way of a smart phone or compatible electronic device. Manufacturers have realized the fact that small business owners want to communicate better with their customers and give a quality of awareness of the stores special offers and other relevant messages. A digital signage poster is the best way to do this, as it can be located in a position where most customers will appreciate its impact and the content can be updated, amended or changed in a very short time; jut at the click of a button.

Business owners realize the importance of digital media screens.

The store owners, who recognize that digital signage is the most effective and cost efficient method of advertising, will benefit the most from accepting their business needs and embracing a digital makeover! The screens are most suitably 40 and 48” and provide a complete platform for broadcasting dynamic content highlighting new promotions, special offers, product information and associated services on a live TV channel for on-premises customer service as well as entertainment. Wireless connectivity from a laptop, or electronic device will instantly broadcast, publish and amend content, or alternatively the information can be pre-loaded onto a USB. This adaptable and flexible electronic kit will deliver so much more than the average small store owner could ever have dreamed of and at a reasonable investment.

Who is digital signage suitable for?

  • Grocery Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Medical Facilities
  • Pop-Up Stores and many more

All that is required, basically; a power supply, a laptop/electronic device/USB, a screen (commercial grade, not a home use TV) and somewhere to work from/hang the screen. So what are you waiting for, keep up with the technology…

If this is of interest, you may want to look into the subject of small business advertising using digital media screens.

Projectors used outdoors for entertainment and profit

Money and fun using projectors.

Like all technology, projectors are being developed all the time, from the old OHP to the 4K projectors with awesome images. But let us look at some applications for entertainment and profit.

Projectors for profit.

outdoor projectorsIf you ever look round at a business you will see the technology that they have invested in, this can be computers, the latest smartphone and the 4K projector. Now one business sector is maximizing on the projector side and they are sports bars come restaurants. They operate during the normally daytime hours as a sports bar and when it becomes dark, the establishment transforms into an upmarket restaurant.

Now some business minded owners are using projectors outdoors, to promote discount and events on buildings, in a massive scale. One restaurant in Florida has set as ide Wednesday as couple’s night, during this time they have romantic movies shown in the secluded garden adjacent to the sports bar, helping the couples put some magic back into their relationship. This has been a huge success, with Wednesday’s restaurant reservations being booked solid, until mid-December from August!

Other bars and night clubs use these devices to promote their resident DJ’s, or special drink offers, reports ProEnc (proencltd.com), who are a leading manufacturer in the projector housing industry.

Outdoor entertainment.


Like flat screen TV’s, a projector are high in demand and coming down in price as new technology is launched, making outdoor entertainment at home or in the community a real possibility.

Projectors can be set up for the local home owners association and show a family movie over a weekend, when everyone can get together and share a meal. This is an ideal way to meet your neighbors and to catch up with people you may not have seen over the past few months, due to work schedules.

People are even deploying OHP’s in their backyard, so they can be entertained while they chill out in the Jacuzzi, just remember the projector needs protecting from the weather and potential theft.

There are three solutions open to people who want to put projectors outdoors, the first is buy a commercially available outdoor units, but the problem is there is nothing on the market as yet. The next option is to bring the unit in every time you have finished watching whatever the device is showing, or lastly, or use an outdoor protective housing for the device, that will provide the essential protection from the weather and theft all in one unit.

Then you are free to set the projector up once and leave it outdoors all year, now does that sound like a plan? No matter what you choose, consider your options well, as newer projectors will be launched in the next 6 months.

No matter if you are using them for profit or fun, projectors are flexible.

A New Revelation for Retail Technology.

Types of Retail Technology.

Introducing the new retail technology blueprints including smart fitting rooms, digital ways to pay and an enhanced customer experience.

touch screen retail technology

Latest evolutionary computer engineering has opened up the world of digital signage, to stage which was only thought possible in science fiction films. Back in the 1950’s there were design ideas for futuristic and imaginative ways of changing the way we see life and use our time, but who would have thought, just a few generations on, we would have a 3D mirror, with a virtual store assistant giving us advice, selecting a different size or even picking out an alternative garment; thinking ‘outside the box’. A scary thought, but it is already out there in our malls, welcome to retail technology.

Touch screen Retail technology.

Touch screen technology has brought retail technology to the average customer; and not necessarily the high-end stores. Branches of well-known chain stores are investing heavily in the new digital posters and mirrors. Just think how much more convenient it would be to use a touch screen in store; research a little more information about the product, select your preference of colour and size and if it isn’t in stock, the store will order it for you. Of course most stores have other forms of contact, like a website, but that isn’t always convenient via your cell or smart phone – lost signal, inability to connect to the internet on demand, yet in store, these obstacles are overcome as the store supplies the means to order. And they’ve got you captured… you’re in the store, in the mood to purchase, a little disappointed you can’t buy the item there and then, but you can order it for a time which suits you. The store is doing everything to make a sale, even if it means communicating through a touch screen, rather than a human being!

How would you feel about a virtual personal shopper? There you are in the changing room, removing your own clothes, when a face appears in the mirror – ahhhh! No, it’s not quite like that, it is more unobtrusive. Whilst your privacy and modesty are preserved, the virtual assistant can offer constructive advise on the piece of clothing you are trying on. Depending on the software package accompanying the digital screen, will depend on the advice or suggestions from the 3D assistant, for instance the program may suggest a different size garment, as it has calculated your proportions (it would be flattering if it suggested a smaller size – don’t know how I would feel about needing a larger size on the advice of a screen!). But can you really trust a virtual assistant? It isn’t someone spying on you through the 2 way mirror, it is an actual digital poster, with a touch screen facility. You can switch it off, alter the suggestions, and order from the privacy of the curtained changing room just by using your finger to make choices.

Then it comes to paying; shall we use traditional cash? How many of us have cash in our pocket these days? Ok, so a card payment, well, even that is out dated. Many of us a re familiar with ordering goods on-line and keying in the account details, or using a payment site like PayPal, so Apple thought they would launch their own, as ‘i’ products have become so popular. Once the account is set up, it is just a matter of a security check at the point of sale and the transaction is complete – one happy customer.

Understanding the technology used for advertising in the retail sector helps us all, try to remember some of the points for retail technology.

Digital Menu Boards For Restaurant Success.

Restaurant digital menu boards.

A restaurant needs to display its menu to potential customers to get them to buy the food; this is successfully done using digital menu boards, so the company can turn a profit.

Restaurants menus.

digital menu boards

Have you ever entered a restaurant and thought where is the menu? When you are given one and read it, you can sometimes be left confused. The problem with the old printed menus is that there is no flexibility in them. The restaurant owner cannot put specials on, this is why they use unsightly blackboards and call them the “specials board”.

Now if you are rushed, with choices from what type of bread you want, to what filling, what salad items you want on the deli roll and finally what sauce you want. If you are like me, you will have ordered the same thing for ages, because you do not have the time to think, however using a restaurant digital menu board, you can see the full menu in advance and read it, and decide on what you want for lunch before you get to the counter.

Digital menu boards – promoting specials.

This is when the digital menu boards come into their own, as the content can be changed within seconds. So a restaurant can use locally sourced produce at a more cost effective price and put a special deal on for lunch.

QSR menu boards

Then once the special is sold out and no produce is left, another special can be uploaded, ideally something that is a food overstock.

Using dayparting, the restaurant can have 3 sets of menus that are all displayed at different times of the day. One for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner, the times are set in the scheduling software built into the media player and at a preset time, the ads change to the next menu of the day. This prevents people having to remember that one mean has finished for the day.

Also using animation on these electronic menus while people are queuing, also acts as timewarping. This is when they are entertained with the content on the display and when they get to the front of the counter the perceived wait time is much less., this results in a better customer experience and this is what builds loyalty to your restaurant.

Not much investment is needed for these digital menu boards, as these are better off in larger sizes, such as 55” so only a few are needed. The screen can be zoned (split into sections), to promote different food items on the menu. This is the future for any forward thinking restaurant and Quick Serve Restaurant.

It has been proven that digital menu boards do increase sales, one QSR saw an increase of 8% in soda sales and 42% in burger sales compared to printed menu solutions in other identical restaurants. The only difference was one has a printed menu, the other has digital menu boards, now the chain has these electronic menus in every outlet.

Hopefully, you picked something out of this article that can help you and your restaurant, will you be thinking of using digital menu boards?

Advertising Using Wall or Free Standing Digital Signage Hardware.

Digital signage hardware to increase your businesses profit.

Advertising is vital for the success of a business; this is why using digital signage hardware is so successful.

Even the oldest profession in the world needed to advertise! But now, no matter where we look there are electronic signs everywhere. From shopping malls to places of worship, the simple fact is that digital signage works, so let us look at the digital signage hardware solutions available to the everyday business owner.

Wall mounted digital signage is there for everyone to see, it can display the specials on the menu in a Quick Serve Restaurant, it can provide automotive service promotions in an automotive garage, or just used to promote a small mom and pop stores inventory.

Essential parts of a profitable digital signage hardware deployment.

Let us look at what is needed for the digital signage hardware to function almost straight out the box.

Content creation, this is essential and can be simply created using free templates available online, or by using images you have taken of your service or product. Failing that, if you are reselling a product you could ask the manufacturer to provide high quality images. Then once the content is created how you want it to appear, you just add it to the media player using a flash drive.
Set up the ads using the onscreen menu, set the time you want the screen to power on and power off at the end of the business day and you are set, that is presuming you have powered the unit up.

Mounting the digital signage hardware.

digital signage

Wall mounted displays specifically designed for digital advertising can be placed in either portrait or landscape, the best position in our experience is portrait, otherwise it just looks like a television.

As the name suggests, these come in a floor standing housing that is designed for indoor use, content creation and updates are carried out just as before. Yes these have more impact; they tend to engage more with consumers.

The housing can even be wrapped in vinyl to brand the kiosk with the logo of the business, adding more impact to the advertising message.

example of digital signage hardware

Screen sizes.

Both solutions come with commercial grade screens, which is essential as the digital signage hardware is capable of running 24×7. These high tech displays are available in sizes 32”, 40”, 42”, 55” and 65”. Normally the most affordable solutions are the sizes up to 55”, the jump to 65” is usually too much.

Now when you compare printed advertising, there is no comparison, you are competing against other contractors and businesses offering similar products and what’s in tonight’s edition of the paper are thrown away tomorrow. This is one of the reasons why newspapers usually have an online presence.

Digital advertising has been around for a while, but now the costs are falling, enabling business owners to get in and use digital signage hardware to promote their business.

Solutions For Retail Digital Signage Success

Is your store using retail digital signage?

Faced with a myriad of electronic advertising methods, it can be difficult to find solutions for retail digital signage success, but as technology is expected by consumers, let’s narrow down the options to make the decision easier. A state-of-the-art theatrical, custom production is within many retailers reach, as it is mostly computers and screens which do the hard work. It’s just a matter of creating an interesting featured background in which to house the screens and hardware. By deploying retail digital signage, you are a step ahead of the competition, who are still using traditional forms of printed ads. The success of digital signage is so great that it is worth billions of dollars and is increasing all the time, which in turn increases your revenue, whilst keeping costs under control; in fact once the hardware has been purchased there is little else to include, other than regular content.

The results of many consumer surveys has revealed the following facts:

  • Brand awareness was constantly featured
  • One of the best locations was POS or POP (point of sale or purchase)
  • Passers by were attracted to the screens and stopped to take a look
  • Printing costs were vastly reduced and in many cases became obsolete
  • The digital signage enhanced the customer experience, by customizing and personalizing
  • Customers engaged with the application, as we are now more comfortable and familiar with electronic devices, like smart phones and tablets
  • Additional revenue can be generated by integrating with third parties
  • There is so much choice for designer software

Retail digital signage is all about getting your message across; brand awareness sells products.

retail digital signage

Customer behavior studies have shown who, when, why and what is likely to be purchased. This information is then directed into particular campaigns aimed at specific demographics to achieve the optimum results. For consumers, the in-store retail area is all about the shopping experience; if a person feels comfortable, empowered and entertained, then the greater likelihood of a positive outcome; making at purchase. Reaching out with new technology is embracing the need and desire of the potential customer.

Here are some ideas where retail digital signage is predicted to be successful:

  • Rather than waiting frustratingly in a food queue, the restaurant window converts to a touch screen where orders can be placed and even pre-paid with a wireless terminal.
  • In-store clothing ordering; you know how annoying it is when the store doesn’t stock your size or the colour you prefer, but you can order it at the click of a button whilst shopping.
  • Design-your-own; cocktails, meal starter combination or even paint colour – the options are endless. This has the benefit to the store too, by being able to quickly adjust their stock levels.
  • Most of us have used a check-in facility via a touch screen, at medical facilities or in a hotel. This digital screen can also be utilized by supplementing the information with commercials.

Most of us welcome the presence of a smile from a sales assistant, cocktail server or hotel receptionist, but there is room in our busy lives for quick access via a touch screen, which frees us up to enjoy other things.

Knowing what digital signage can do for your store, are you tempted to use retail digital signage now?

Is Cloud Based Digital Signage For You?

Would You Use Cloud Based Digital Signage?

With all the recent issues about private data stored on the cloud being made public, people are becoming cautious. But using cloud based digital signage does not have to be concerning, discover why.

We have all heard people say in meetings, I store my data on the Cloud, but if you quiz them, they will rarely know exactly where or what the Cloud is! The Cloud is a platform or software that stores data either off site on server farms or at third party service provider that specialize in secure data storage and not at your location – this is the cloud! Another reason it is called Cloud computing is that the information and data is sent over the internet and if you have watched any draw a computer network they show a cloud image as the internet.

cloud based digital signage schematic

Look at cloud based digital signage Pros and Cons.


Like everything that is not under your control, you have to rethink everything including, connectivity, cost, actual content (is it time sensitive?) and security of the cloud based digital signage solution. Digital signage in its natural process allows users to update content on the move, using the cloud can restrict this valuable asset of digital signage. Imagine you had an over stock or rain coats and your city had the worst weather in years, with torrential rain, using digital signage you could change the ads and show you have a special on the rain coats. This then helps the company sell the over stocks and increase profit for a product that has just been sat in storage!

Using cloud based digital signage also creates other challenges; one that springs to mind immediately is a security issue. As soon as the data leaves the business, anyone can intercept it and if it had sensitive information on a new product range, this could be extremely valuable to your competitors, especially if you are in
a race to market with them.

Pros of cloud based digital signage.

Now imagine, rather than having your data on a large server farm, why not use a mini WAN, this would in reality act as your own mini cloud based solution and you would own it! You can then ensure the essential security is in place, you can keep the costs down by around 63%. Historically, large enterprises have been using the Cloud, but not any longer, any business can use the same cloud based electronic signage solution and display content just like the big boys!

3G Cloud based digital signage.

3G cloud based electronic signage hardware has one main difference when compared to other advertising hardware and that is there is no need for a media player, as all the content is stored on secure mini clouds under each business name, who have total control over them.

Before cloud based signage, the ads had to be stored on some device, usually attached to the display at each location, now using 3 and 4G this is no longer a restriction, in fact it is an advantage. One restraint on deploy electronic advertising is that it has to be well planned, this meant traditionally the location had to have several power outlets, 1 for the display and 1 for the ad player now a display can be deployed anywhere with the only restriction is that it has to be near 1 plug socket to power the system. As the admin of the cloud solution, you have total control that accesses what part, so you can block, limit or approve users, making 3 and 4G digital signage very flexible.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of cloud based digital signage.

Why not hire rather than buy digital signage hardware?

Digital signage hire solutions.

Many businesses think that digital signage is out of their budget, but with digital signage hire businesses can try different solutions to find the best for their unique application. One thing is common place with organizations wanting to use digital signage and that is the need to increase profit, reported by Digital Signage Systems Limited.

Buying digital signage hardware.

With new technology, businesses want to invest in it, to show they are ahead of the game, yet they are tying up cash that can be used in other parts of their business. But the mind-set is that these businesses are investing in their future, yet there are simpler solutions to achieve this.

Hiring digital signage hardware.

digital signage hire

Digital signage hire is increasing in demand, as more and more businesses see the benefits of digital advertising but are unsure of the solution they need. The dilemma could be to what solution to use, would a wall mount or floor standing solution work best?

Now companies can try out the hardware for a pre-arranged term, so they can see which works best for them, the content can be the same and the method of updating the ads can be different too, so see how it would affect the business model.

One of the most common questions we are asked, is what is the best method of updating the adverts, there are 2 solutions; manually and remotely using either the Cloud or a hardwired connection. Now businesses can try these out to see which will benefit their company most.

Manual updates, does rely on an employee taking on the responsibility and updating the content when needed, so you have to think about, what if they are off sick? Or just forget to do it? Using a remote connection the ads can be scheduled months in advance and updated during the evening when the outlet is closed.

Digital signage hire is one way to ensure that the content delivery is perfect, you can try both methods and see what works best for you and your business, as we all know businesses vary widely.

hiring digital signage hardware

The customer has several decisions to make for their digital signage hire solution, these are as follows:

  • Wall or free standing hardware?
  • Size of screen?
  • Method of content delivery?
  • Length of digital signage hire term?

Once these are clarified, the solution can be configured to ensure the company can start using the hardware as soon as possible.

Digital signage hire costs.

Depending on the solution and length of the digital signage hire term, these can run at a few hundred pounds. But consider the tax advantages, as the hire costs can be off set against profit, as you do not own the product and it cannot be classed as an asset. But it is best to run through this with your business adviser or accountant.

Many hire street brands are hiring hardware, this enables them to update the hardware as and when new products come out, so their clientele associate the companies with being innovative and forward thinking. They are also seeing that the flexibility of hiring digital signage hardware over purchasing the hardware out right, keeping this trade secret of digital signage hire.

Comparing similar products it would cost in excess of £1000 for a 42″ wall mount digital display with media player, yet hiring the same hardware could run at £200 per week. But the benefits of the tax break is great indeed. This is why digital signage hire is increasing.

Now you have a basic understanding of hiring digital signage, so now the choice is down to you, will you be checking out a digital signage hire company?

Cellular Digital Signage For Instant Success

Cellular digital signage solutions.

With billions of people on the planet owning a smartphone, cellular digital signage is fast becoming the most successful digital advertising medium, for instant success.

Cellular digital signage uses.

cellular digital signage

QR Code, we have seen these on signs, website and on promotional products. The idea is to scan the barcode with your smartphone, so make sure you have a QR code reader on your smartphone! Then you are taken to the webpage with the promotion or deal details on, so that you can redeem the offer. This provides the marketing company a way in which they can record who scanned the code and who redeemed it, so they can provide a detailed report to the retailer, while the retailer enjoys the uplift in sales.

Mobile Splash pages, these are webpages that are designed and search engine optimized for the market they are targeting. They again have special offers on the page and can be used with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. So when they are shared and liked, the person redeeming them gets a greater discount but boosts the company profile on the social networking site.

Proximity marketing or Cellular Marketing?

These involve technology, proximity marketing needs a special media player, which the content is loaded onto and then ads are displayed to people who access the service. The service for example could be in a mall, so using day parting; restaurant owners can target people at breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they pass the location, the player sends a text message offering a free coffee with any breakfast roll ordered. This tends to increase sales, as the ads can be changed throughout the day to increase sales of profitable lines, around lunch and dinner with little investment. The return on investment is said to be around 3 months.

Cellular marketing is when a retail center offers free internet access and in return you are exposed to the odd advert from sponsors. This is an alternative to proximity marketing but depending on whom you speak with, the profits are different.

Building a business on cellular digital signage.

Once the hardware is purchased and installed, the costs range from $800 to $1500 including installation. So once it is installed in a mall, the occupants of the retail units can sponsor ads on the network and in return increase sales for their retail unit. These media players can hold up to 300 ads of 3 minutes long. Imagine if you charged $100 per month per ad, you could have an extra income stream of 300 ads x $100=$30,000 per month. So from the initial installation, profit is almost from day 1, with an income stream of $360,000 per year minus the initial investment.

Digital signage has been changing over the years, but now cellular digital signage is here.

Video walls for dynamic advertising

Types of video walls.

There are two kinds of video walls, one uses LCD and LED technology, understanding the technology will result in a much better solution without any unexpected extra investment.

Uses for video walls.

You may have seen a video wall at your local shopping mall, or you may have seen one at your local rugby club. These are used for providing information and entertainment in order to boost brand awareness.

With the variations in the different technologies, it is essential that the right solution is uses for the right application; otherwise the investment may be the wrong one. Now let us look at the technologies involved.

Indoor video wall.

Normally an indoor video wall is made up of LCD displays that are designed specifically for video wall formation, as the bezel around the viewing area of the screen has to be as small as possible. This is ensures that that image that is on the tiled screens appears seamless. The last thing you want is large black bezels that show the image as separate sections, this detracts from the advertising or entertaining solution.

lcd video walls











An indoor solution is usually mounted to a wall, so the best mounting solution is one, which can be accessed without having to remove other displays. There are mounts that you push at any corner and they pop out, allowing uninterrupted access to the display and the cabling.

LED video curtain.

These are usually used for exhibition and trade shows, they consist of clusters of LED’s, that are sewn into a nylon sheet that can be hung from exhibition stands. These are quick to install, take up much less space than the LCD solution, so perfect for events, trade shows and even music concerts. No special hardware to mount, this is used deployed in temporary locations and not a permanent option.

Outdoor LED video wall.

Usually when an outdoor video wall solution is considered, the people planning the solution will have thought of access, will this be from the front or rear? Then the LED video wall can be specified.

video walls









Which size, P6, P10, P12, or P20? If you are not from the industry, and someone asked you if you wanted a P12 video wall you would probably question what it is. A simple understanding is that the LED’s are in clusters, these are centers, they can be ¼” for P6 (as in 6mm), or 3/8” for P10 (10 mm centers) or ¾” for P20 (20mm centers). The larger the centers of the LEDs the less clear the image is even from close up. If you want clarity and be able to see the image close up P6 is the best option.

An outdoor frame is needed for the LED panels, as these are supplied in set sections 900 mm square. Depending on how you intend on accessing the video wall for maintenance, will depend if you use a steel frame or housing for the LED panels.

Controlling the images.

When you have a large video wall, you need to be able to control the images that are displayed across the wall. Some may be set over 2 panels, some images may be over the entire wall that has 20 panels. This controller does all the cleaver things you need to display the content as you wish.

More information can be found at digitalsignagetoday.com on LED and LCD video walls.

Should Jails Have TV’s?

TV’s for prisoners rights or privilege?

Compassion and basic human rights point to prisoners having the right to watch television whilst they are detained, but to what benefit does a television give to inmates? Norway, for example, is a country which treats prisoners in a humane way and results show a positive outcome.

Boredom is a factor causing unrest and tension, so imagine a week without TV yourself! It may seem a great idea for a few days, but you will start to feel fidgety and anxious, even if it is access to news or current affairs programs, people have the need to be informed and aware of what is going on in the world. Whether television is a right or a privilege, that is up to the governor, but society relies heavily on media for entertainment and education.

TV protection

TV – luxury or weapon?

A television can become a lethal weapon which, if misused, may cause serious self harm or endanger life or injuries to others. The shattered screen creates a myriad of sharp implements with which to cause harm; a slice across a femoral artery could cause death in a matter of moments. This can be to the inmate or a member of staff, or even a visitor, depending upon the mental state of the detainee. One significant way of eliminating any dangers is to enclose the whole television set within a metal housing unit, also known as a Non-Loop or anti ligature TV enclosure. This particular enclosure has Intellectual Property Design Rights and is frequently requested and specified for by architects, as plans are drawn up to include televisions in hospitals, detention centers and mental health facilities, where protection is an absolute necessity, as all the cables and hardware is out of harms way. Not only is a broken television inconvenient, it is expensive to repair, whereas purchasing an enclosure is a one off expense, which will save in the long term.

Then again, prison is a punishment and the point is to teach people a lesson about unacceptable behavior. Is giving them the opportunity to watch television just like their current lifestyle, which got them into trouble? Television can be highly influential in both good ways and bad, even good programs can be misinterpreted by inmates. The fact that criminals have committed a crime is one which needs a debt paying back to society and their wrongful actions have severe consequences. It is not a holiday camp – book me in for a fortnight! And are you happy at paying your hard earned taxes for someone else to sit around watching daytime television all day (especially if you haven’t got time to enjoy that!). Prison is a place for punishment not luxuries, so are TV’s necessary?

From LED signs to Interactive Kiosks In The House of worship

House of worship digital signage solutions.

Many religious worship places are turning to house of worship digital signage to spread the good work they do and the word of God. Including outdoor LED signs, video walls, multiple screens and interactive kiosks; as a way to interact with the wider community.

Outdoor LED signs for house of worship digital signage.

house of worship digital signage

There are a lot of churches that deploy outdoor LED sign, in the form of a monument. These can be single or double sided, yet most importantly they can be seen in any light, even direct sunlight. These units come in a 3 foot square panel and are tilled together to create one large screen, that is high definition with a brightness that can be adjusted from 2,500 to 10,000 candelas.

The mounting frame is fitted into the monument and then the panels are clipped into place and secured into the frame. Content can be updated through a wireless connection or a hardwired link.

Advantages are; the screen can be seen at any time of the day, size can be as big or small as your budget will allow. This is one of the best solutions for outdoor advertising period! LED signs are proven to increase church sales quarter on quarter.

Disadvantages are; you need someone to run power and data to the monument as well as build the monument.

Indoor interactive kiosks.

These indoor units can be wall or free standing, with a choice of screen size and choice of media player, including Linux, Windows or Android. These units are simple to update and need no special training. It is as simple as drag and drop, just like uploading a website from a computer to the hosting.

These interactive houses of worship digital signage devices are used to get the congregation’s opinion. They are also used to provide information on future events, how the house of worship allocated the donations given to the community and who needs prayers in the coming weeks. This can be for a job interview or someone going into hospital. These are one of the low cost solutions available.

Multiple screens.

Houses of worship are also turning to commercial grade screens in thought provoking configurations to provide a multimedia rich experience for the congregation. One church uses 22 x 46” displays in the form of crucifixes and like around the religious home of worship. These screens are used to inform the congregation of upcoming events and service. Ensuring that the congregation is immersed in the religious understand of what is happening in their community, so they are prepared to go out and know the challenges but are prepared for them.

These are only a few solutions available for house of worship digital signage.

Tablet Digital Signage Sweeping England

Tablet digital signage solutions.

Many people may have encountered tablet digital signage, yet recently the growth in England has been tremendous. From major retails to restaurants, they are all using mobile tablet devices to promote their businesses.

Retail tablet digital signage.

tablet digital signage

Argos who is the main shopping catalog store in the UK, with retail outlets in every city, some even have two retail outlets! The brand used a large printed catalog with all the products in and was created per season. The costs must have been expensive as these catalogs were in colour and even after proof reading before the print run, errors are found in the fully completed, bound catalog. They have now deployed digital signage in the form of tablets in stores rather than the bulky brochures. If anyone knows the catalog they will testify that the weight is a lot!

Restaurant digital signage using a tablet.

Restaurant digital advertising is another use for tablets, as here they can be used to build a list of subscribers to send updates too and offers. They get the customer to interact and review the dining facility whilst they are there; if a problem presents itself the manager can resolve it (hopefully) immediately. The customer completes a short survey and enters either their email or cell phone number to receive promotional offers. Some cafes even use tablets to present the menu along with complimentary drinks. One such outlet is a specialist tea shop that has over 200 teas, so you can choose either the food or drink and the tablet will recommend the best match for food or beverage.

Mom and pop stores.

Any small local business with an office or counter can use a tablet to promote products and services they offer. In the reception it may feature the main business activities then demonstrate the new services or products added. On a counter top this solution may show over stocks at a reduced rate on the original sales price, making it more tempting to prospects and at the same time boosting the bottom line of the store.

Benefits of tablet digital signage.

As in the example of Argos, errors can be spotted in the printed catalog and reprinting the section, page or brochure would be too expensive and the lead time would be too long. Tablet digital signage allows the retail outlet to edit a promotion at any time of the day, they can add a new line when it has restocked, as well as up selling offers, all down to the units being controlled over the internet and Argos even offer free WIFI connection in store for customers when shopping. This is one store that has not been affected by showcasing.


With everything positive, there has to be negative, the yin and yang of life! The bad is that these units have to be secured otherwise the hardware has a habit of vanishing. Also make sure when using tablet devices that the screen is locked to the page you want, this stops the user of the tablet from browsing the internet on the tablet. You would not like to hand the tablet to a family after a group of guys have been looking at adult sites!

Digital signage is growing and with the low cost of tablets, makes tablet digital signage an option for any business.

Digital school signs cost less than you think!

Digital school signs – good or bad?

With the popularity of digital school signs, schools see the cost as a barrier, however now there is a cost effective solution that will fit in every developing schools budget. Enabling teachers to communicate with parents in a simple yet affective manner as reported on Digital Signage Today.

Education is a three way partnership; the school, the pupil and home, using electronic signs can inform parents of future tests, examinations and what the child needs to revise. A more day to day benefit may be to remind the parents of the end of year school trip, when deposits are required, what clothes to wear.

The school has become a super secure environment in the past 5 years, with most doors having access control on them; this prevents anyone who should not be in school and a potential threat to our children to be kept out. It also stops parents from going into school at the end of the day to have a chat with the teacher. This is one way the digital school signs are effective in providing the support from school for teachers. If a parent needs to discuss a child’s development the correct procedure is to contact the school and make an official appointment.

Challenges within schools.

digital school signs

Not only do the teachers have challenges delivering lessons, in some instances they also encounter challenges from unruly pupils. It has been reported that the number off physical attacks on teachers from pupils is on the increase, these pupils when removed from a class room situation may lash out and if a digital sign is near by, the frustration the pupil has, may end up being vented at the school sign. This is why most digital school signs are located in public areas, such as reception areas or they are protected with indoor screen housings. Keeping them out of “harms way”, ensures the pupil does not harm themselves on a screen that has been damaged, accidentally or on purpose.

Digital school signs cost?

Digital school sign costs can dramatically be reduced, when the installer takes it under their wing and creates an income stream for the school, by finding local businesses that wish to advertise on the digital signs within the school. In some instances the schools can earn around £2500 per year from ads on their digital signage network, that can be managed to ensure the content is in keeping with the schools media policies. Companies that tend to advertise are school uniform suppliers, travel agents, restaurants and even taxis, these ads are aimed at primary school parents, when they drop off or collect their children.

Some company’s offer a complete solution, from installing the signs within the school, configuration and then updating the content. Some even provide training to staff, but if the digital advertising hardware is managed, this takes a massive headache away from the school. With everything dealt with by a third party, that is just a phone call away.  Using displays for advertising and marketing is a good idea and expect to see more of digital school signs.

Through the Digital Signage Lens

Digital Signage ideas.

Research and exhibition statistics are all about the deployment and innovation of digital signage and where better to review the outcome than after the InfoComm annual conference. Apparently it was inspiring, informative and full of thought provoking ideas and concepts and other spring boards on which to launch innovative dynamic-place-based digital signage. Pushing the boundaries in this segment of technology is already advanced for its age, but really it leads to infinity…

One sector considering digital signage screens was the US Department of Transport, after a study of roadside dynamic digital signage safety was carried out. The results were of interest, as it was stated that CEVMS (commercial electronic variable message signs) had no significant consequence on driver safety. So, will we be seeing screen-media billboards on our roadside verges?

digital signage

Terms used in the digital signage industry.

Many terms for the general phrase ‘digital signage’ is banded about, like ‘Screen media’, ‘dynamic-place-based’ and ‘enterprise media'; all have one thing in common – they display products for sale. It could be via a brand awareness campaign, particular sale or offer or a promotional campaign, but you can be sure other names will appear for this media term.

Unsurprisingly the number of new patents has been submitted for various devices, encompassing the digital signage stage, particularly including the Eco-systems of screen displays and mobile devices in a commercial or retail setting. Also, many of the authoritative names in the game are partnering up with others to provide a package – an all-in-one system of supplying the hardware, matched with the software and installation. Screen-media display boards has been utilized by almost every sector; from owner to shopper, to traveler and including staff and students within education.

The size of a screen caused much deliberation among various stands, as the smallest screen used is generally a 26”, which suits applications like elevators, counter tops, shelving or reception desks – particularly where wall space is not accessible. And one of the most popular sizes for other screens for other areas is a 52”, with a thin bezel frame, allowing greater visibility, especially when tiled to form a video wall. 4K HD displays are the fashionable screen of the moment, as the imagery is stunning coupled with the program content and software resolution. Although slow on the uptake, 4K is the screen choice of the future, after further development and is a popular screen for retail fashion displays, museums and attraction exhibitions. After initial teething problems, one of the next technological break throughs will be laser-based projectors. Its increasing popularity comes due to its projected life span, including the 20,000 hour bulb life, an increase from 600 hours on projector bulbs currently; just the installation and maintenance costs are to overcome.

Which ever term you wish to use, at the end of the day, these screens are digital signage advertising billboards!

Outdoor Projector Use For Advertising And Entertaining

Outdoor projector for advertising.

Event management companies have seen an opportunity, by using projectors outdoor to promote an event in the form of advertising or just for entertainment value. But there are many other ways to use projectors outdoors.

Projectors or OHP as they were once called, OHP stands for Over Head Projector and acetate was used to draw on or write on and the image was then projected onto a screen. Allowing others to see the message, we then saw them in the early 2000’s being used heavily in school and educational facilities to deliver the lesson to the pupils. So you see from this little snapshot, the projector has come a huge distance from the 1990’s to 2000. Then in the past year the 4K digital projector has been launched, but currently it is not as popular due to the costs involved.

outdoor projector

With the technology developing for projectors and the arrival of the 4K digital projectors, we have to look at the units for an outdoor home cinema, as the price has dropped now, becoming affordable for most households. Using a projector outdoor connected to a cable box will allow the football game, favorite programs to be displayed outdoors, on a garage wall for example. Allowing the home owner to enjoy life more; too many working hours during the week, then having super quality time with the family at the weekend is a perfect lifestyle balance. Imagine just kicking back in the hot tub watching your favorite show with your family.

Outdoor projector for bar advertising.

Bar advertising can now be used to promote guest DJ’s, guest beers and even events such as the soccer World Cup, this allows the bar to maximize their investment in the hardware, by increasing profits from sales of beverages. For example, during the current World Cup, you could have a message pop up on the projector wall that says half time and new beer coming up, 2 for 1 at $x. Then during half time they can refill and the bar make more profit. If the bar has its own car lot, they could use that to mount a projector in an outdoor projector enclosure to protect it from the weather. And project an image or video of a visiting music maestro with the time and date of the visit to promote the event to passing customers. Using the actual building as the screen, what a unique idea!

Restaurant advertising can use the hardware as a form as advertising as the bars could, but the restaurants can use them in a more entertaining way. They could also promote other third party, non-competing businesses on the hardware. As an example, a vacation rental may advertise and a couple, who are a romantic date, may see it and book a romantic break because of the advert. Another way would be for someone to see an ad for a local taxi cab company, realizing they had too much to drink and order a cab ride home, picking up the car the following day. Promotional meals could be advertised or even community events promoted through the projector.

Religious worship centers are using all kinds of technology to get the word of God across and that included projectors. Some are using indoor as well as outdoor digital signage hardware, to promote community events, as well as informing people. These are used to educate people on how much giving goes to the community, how the congregation’s donations are distributed and how the religious center is helping the community in need. Some floor standing electronic signs are used to engage with the congregation to celebrate other members birthdays or naming days. Most religious centers have white interiors, ideal for a projector hence the reason for the uptake of using projectors indoors. Now you can use an outdoor projector, too.

Isotopic Failure for LCD Digital Display Screens

Isotropic failure kills digital signage.

So, firstly let’s understand what ‘isotropic failure’ is… It is the failing of a digital signage screen through direct sunlight affecting the screen; causing it to turn black and render it useless. As highlighted in this white paper from Samsung.

There is no come-back from this, your only option is to buy a new screen. The problem lies in the technology of the display screen; the LCD or Liquid Crystal Display. Basically this is the liquid crystals being sandwiched between two panes of glass which have electrodes connected to them. The terminology of a liquid crystal is explained as both a solid and a liquid; at the same time. The features which identify them is that the crystals maintain their shape, whilst also being able to flow and transform into other shapes. Tiny electro charges applied to the liquid crystal create patterns for letting in more or less light, thus creating an image = picture. Two main problem for LCD screen failure are both caused by temperature; too hot or too cold. If the screen is subject to very low temperatures, the liquid crystals will freeze into a solid shape – an irreversible state and then there is the opposite of extreme heat (a main cause being direct sunlight) where the liquid crystals can not hold their shape, resulting in a BLACK screen – again an irreversible state.

isotropic failure

Image courtesy of http://www.signmedia.ca

To eliminate this problem of isotropic failure there are several points to consider:

Repositioning the screen away from direct sunlight.
This is probably the most logical option, but maybe you don’t have a choice, for example, the screen is a main feature in your shop window and at certain times of the day will be in full sunlight. Installing a canopy or shield will help to a degree, or perhaps it can be switched off at certain times of the day.

Using Specific Commercial Grade Screens.
When budgeting for a digital advertising screen, one of the main components is the screen, so size, bezel depth, quality of the picture etc. It may be tempting to cut costs and buy a consumer grade TV screen, but this will just NOT be able to cope with the rugged demands of being on for many hours at a time. Also the contrast (also known as ‘nits’) is significantly higher and of a better quality than a household TV set.

A Sun-bright or Sun-Light Readable Screen.
A digital ad campaign is of no use if a customer can not see it because of direct sunlight distorting the picture or causing blindness. Check out commercial grade screens with sun-bright/sunlight filters to alleviate such problems.

An outdoor sunlight bright display enclosure.
The steel box of the protective housing unit has many positive features; as well as protecting the screen from damage – human and environmental, it features a thermostatically controlled heater and cooler, set to an ambient temperature. As the steel box creates an oven effect, it is important to release the hot air through vents but a cooling unit will always create an even temperature. Screens are temperamental pieces of kit, which have delicate elements and are permanently damaged.

So, now you know how to avoid isotropic failure – don’t let it ruin your screen!

Baptist Churches uses Projectors to Reach Out

Projectors in Churches?

When is going to Church like going to the Cinema?, when your preacher installs projectors and screens to display the teachings of the Bible. It is not intended to be disrespectful and even enhances the scriptures to a modern day method of understanding. Imagine a themed service where speakers, music and visual graphics create a production which relays the message to hundreds of worshipers.

Worshipers want to see the service – projectors allow this.

Many worship centers now have video equipment, but it is time to upgrade and encourage new members into the union. People are expecting to see modern technology in our everyday lives, so why should church be any different? Even the elders of the churches are impressed and not at all reluctant to accept and embrace it. The visuals appeal to all demographic ranges; the content is easy to upload and adapt or amend at the click of a button.

There are many screens sizes to suit your building; height, width and length are either adjustable, adaptable or supplied to a set size. And the technology of the projectors is beyond belief (excuse the phrase!). Electronic hardware has progressed at such a rate that surely the ultimate should all have been developed by now, but no; it is evolving all the time. The clarity of the images projected onto the walls is a cost saving way of delivering the images to the audience without sacrificing the sharpness and quality of the picture. It also adds to the ambiance and tone of the service with thoughtful tones, backgrounds and even textured surfaces, which are linked to the relevance and do not detract from the sacred teachings.

projectors for churches

So where is the best place to position a projector within your place of worship? Perhaps there is access to install a projector onto a ceiling hung bracket, wall mounted bracket from a balcony or a floor standing unit; no matter where the projector is located, a remote control handset alleviates any need to have direct contact with the main unit, which also cuts down on willful or accidental interference. Being able to angle the projector gives a full floor-to-ceiling coverage when required. It is a practical and cost efficient way of modernizing the church without building work causing chaos and eliminates scene setting and building props for special events and biblical productions.

So… when is going to Church like going to the Cinema?, when your house of worship adopts projectors for an innovative form of bringing the Bible to life!

Protective LCD Enclosures Used For Digital Signage Hardware

Protective LCD enclosures for digital signage security.

Digital signage hardware can be a costly exercise, yet if the hardware is not protected using a protective LCD enclosure, the Return On Investment could be wasted, let us look at the digital signage applications and protection needed, reported LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc.

Indoor signage and protection.

Indoor electronic signage hardware includes many kinds of high end screens that can cost anywhere from $1500 to $7000 depending on the size chosen, then a media player is attached that can be either a networked solution or a non-networked solution. The advance of this type of electronic signage is that is can almost immediately yield a return on investment for the advertiser. The unique ways the displays can be mounted add to the interest. The commercial displays can be mounted either horizontal, or portrait or even at a set angle. As you can understand investing in this hardware can be a major part of the marketing department’s budget for a year, so the solution has to work. But think what would happen if the hardware was damaged, how would this impact on the company’s advertising campaign?

Protecting indoor digital signage is essential to maintain a return on investment, with the protection in place allows companies and advertising agencies to put electronic signage in locations and sites otherwise thought impossible. With this in mind, it then opens up the world to digital signage. You may have a location that has a high foot fall, that is open even after the offices or store are closed – such as a covered walk way or open foyer, normally you would not consider putting dynamic advertising here as it would be damaged or stolen, yet if you could somehow protect the advertising hardware, this would make an ideal location and this is when a secure digital signage housing is ideal.

LCD enclosures

Outdoor digital advertising hardware can be expensive if dedicated hardware is being used, but an affordable solution is to use commercial grade screens that are used for indoor advertising and put them into a protective housing. Dedicated hardware are used that provide weatherproof protection, so the screen and media player does is not effected with snow, rain, dust or direct sunlight. Direct sunlight causes what is called isotropic failure, this actually makes the screen blacken and is irreversible when the display is in direct sunlight. The best option is to put the screen in a location that is not in direct sunlight at any time of the day.

Secure LCD enclosures for outdoor sign protection.

Now with using commercial displays, businesses are deploying outdoor advertising using a range of secure LCD enclosures. There are many producers of these outdoor display housings, however when the displays are to be let outdoors or in public access areas unmanned they certainly need protecting. When selecting protective LCD enclosures you have to look at the locking system, as this is going to be 1 of the main issues in outdoor signage protection, if the locks are accessed by unauthorized people they can seriously damage the advertising solution. The easiest locks to open with very basic items we all have on our person are: compression locks, cam locks and barrel locks, the reason is they all reply on a barrel turning and moving a lever that is behind the door that secures on to the body of the housing. The most secure solution are outdoor LCD enclosures that is locked with high security locks, similar to safe locks that are virtually pick proof!

The second most import security feature is the viewing window, if this becomes damaged the display will be hard to see, so let us look at what is on offer. Most manufacturers of LCD enclosures offer a Lexan window around 1/16” thick, some offer 1/8” thick, yet the problem is Lexan can be damaged real easy, by running a key across the window, this will gouge out channels in the window and will certainly have to be replaced. The next solution is acrylic, similar to Lexan but less secure as this shatters when hit, so if anyone offers this, move on! The last solution that is provided by the best manufacturers of LCD enclosures is toughened glass and this is the best solution on the market, especially when it is offered with an AR coating, (AR stands for Anti Reflective). But not even anti reflective coatings can not reduce reflections 100%, so there will always be a small degree of reflections with outdoor signage. So you now know what to look for when picking outdoor, secure LCD enclosures.

Enrolling Digital Signage Into A High School

An enterprising US high school has enrolled various digital signage screens into its premises, to interact with students, teaching and non-teaching staff and the wider community. The educational facility is also looking at integrating the digital signage system with the smart phones and hand held electronic tablets of students and parents, giving access to the school website. The uses include the day’s notifications and announcements, events, classroom changes and emergency planning procedures. Optional feeds are also broadcast to allow teachers to show information on the Smart boards in each classroom.

Influencing students with digital signage.

One sure way of getting through to children is to display TV sets around – OK so the latest block buster movie isn’t being played, but there is opportunity to supplement the investment costs by ‘selling’ advertisement space. Of course this needs to be scheduled at an appropriate and useful time, but many educational suppliers, apparel retailers and local businesses will benefit from the air time. It is also appropriate to include infomercials of; dietary information and suggestions, health and safety issues, field trip notices, after school clubs and assignment reminders. The display screens can be incorporated into the schools morning announcements; no-one has a reason for missing information. It is also handy for students to revisit and remind themselves; there is NO reason not to know!

digital signage in schools

Deciding where to place the screens is a logistical consideration, but for most educational environments, one or two in common areas; for example at the entrance, but also in large meeting areas like the cafeteria. Don’t forget the screens can be placed outdoors, particularly if they are housed within a security enclosure. This protects the digital display screen from the elements, theft and vandalism or just about anything which would stop the screen from working. Internal heating and cooling – working on a thermostatically controlled internal unit, keep the temperature constant, averting overheating and condensation build up. The viewing window allows the screen to be clearly seen in any lighting conditions, is a tough material which will not smash.

It has been embraced with interest from all age groups and demographics, with requests to include content and announcements from the diverse ‘family’ of the school. Educational budgets are geared up to include the latest technology, like digital signage screens. Many of the schools own departments are involved in producing the content for the benefit of the whole school. It gives the students an in-site into how, why, planning and delivering content, which we find all over our urban landscape. It could open up new opportunities for career development, as students see the project through from start to end. Digital signage encompasses a wide range of the curriculum and within a short space of time, should take over altogether. It is seen as an educational tool as much as an informational means of bringing awareness to staff and pupils. As far a cost is concerned, after the initial investment costs, it is much more cost effective than printing ever was, can be altered or updated at a moments notice and can include the internet for an even wider information platform, now technology has changed we update content with digital signage.

The Technology Used for Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining for everyone.

Creating a special outdoor area – an extension of your indoor living space, is a luxury which is well within our reach; whatever your budget.

outdoor entertaining

How much are you prepared to spend on outdoor entertaining?

There is the cheep and cheerful approach; setting out some chairs, a stereo and some candles for atmosphere, or there is the other extreme; a hot tub, programmed lighting, surround sound system, with garden speakers and a mega expensive projector. Which is your choice? Well, mine is the second, but a compromise can be found somewhere in between.

For the basics, of any garden or outdoor entertaining, would be the power supply. Most of us have an external power point, which is safe and convenient. From this you can add all sorts of technology. There are a range of garden speakers, but one thing to bear in mind is the weather – rain and electrics don’t mix! There are water and weatherproof sets which are an economical price and these can also be placed near a water feature or hot tub – please read the packaging carefully for safety.

Another feature to add to the party is a projector. With this you can watch a sports event, music concert or film from the comfort of your sun bed, lounger or pool. Again, a major consideration for the projector is the security aspect and protection from the weather, dirt and other elements which will affect the performance and life span. If a projector and screen are just too big for your back yard; what about a television screen? Comfy chairs with a cold beer and the game on TV… For additional security and piece of mind you must seriously consider an LCD TV enclosure. With this you can leave the TV out all year round – it will be safe against vandals, theft and the weather as there is a thermostatically controlled heater and cooler to keep the temperature constant. How many TV screens would you have to replace, whereas the purchase of one security enclose will do the job.

So, there you are, proudly cooking a mouth-watering BBQ on the coals or spinning pizzas for your wood fired oven, ready to sit down to watch the ball game (think Baseball or the upcoming 2014 World Cup), you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood – you’ve just got to get it passed by the ‘boss’ (aka the wife). So now you know about outdoor entertaining and outdoor home cinemas.

Dynamic Advertising & LCD Enclosure Units

Dynamic advertising is a unique way for any business to market a brand, especially in this day and age of technology. Using a protective LCD enclosure now allows, almost anyone with a flat panel display such as plasma, LED or LCD to install them in outdoor and indoor spaces that have been previously deemed too risky.

Discover who uses a dynamic advertising LCD enclosure.

When someone is asked, if they have seen a flat panel protective housing, the question is usually answered with a questioning look. The reason is, we really do not notice them, for example if you go to a soccer stadium, or football stadium, the displays used to broadcast the game, highlights and future events are all in some form of protective housing, that are called LCD enclosures. The steel housings protect the hardware inside from hooligans and angry fans. So with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil just around the corner, many of these units have been supplied to locations, so that supporting fans can watch their team play and rally them on.

Another place that these protective boxes can be found is in transportation hubs, here the passenger information details are provided. This normally consists of a commercial grade flat panel display and a small computer to run the transit information and the advertisements, all connected up to form a network around the transit center, so that all the displays synchronize at the same time to provide information in real time. With transit locations being an open area most of the day, the hardware is under possible threat of damage every day, so protecting the hardware is one way to ensure the longevity of the display is at its maximum.

Bars and restaurants have also used these units to protect their outdoor digital signage solutions. Especially at the beach or near harbors, as the salt air can harm the displays in weeks, calcifying the internal circuit boards so much the digital signs no longer work. So, the best option is to put the display into a weatherproof LCD enclosure, this makes certain no matter if the weather is snowing, raining or bright sun shine the hardware is protected. But in this high sea salt application, the only solution that will last is a stainless steel digital signage enclosure; these are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. That has a much higher quantity of Chromium in its composition to prevent rusting.

Why bother with protecting the hardware?

LCD enclosure

You may ask the question above, but the truth is, if you have invested in a dynamic advertising project you want it to succeed. If any of the components in the system fail, due to the weather or theft, the project is stopped in its tracks and is not making a return on the investment. This is a frightening thought, imagine if you have invested you own hard earned money to develop your brand and the display gets damaged with a hooligan, you have no option but to replace the display, yet, if the display was in a protective LCD enclosure the hardware would be kept safe and away from harm.

3D Digital Signage Solutions

3D digital signage – what to look out for.

A major American technology company today announced a significant evolution of a fresh approach to 3D display signage, which the company claims to maximize this new optical phenomenon from an standard viewpoint to reduce the influence of 3D-crosstalk and display motion image and improve 3D displays.

3D digital signage tracking.

The new 3D eye-tracking system, is as near as any technology has achieved thus far as it produces “smooth and realistic” 3D images, according to the company, and by combining the company’s proprietary 3D image processing engine, there is no need for 3D glasses, as in the past. The company’s technological breakthrough in their “auto stereoscopic” display method, incorporates a specialized eye-tracking device that detects the individual’s eye position and engagement with a high level of accuracy.

As auto stereoscopic 3D digital signage displays become increasingly popular, there have been some issues to overcome that limit the value of 3D technology like; ghost images, image reversal and the limitation of suitable 3D viewing spaces. It is a fine balance between increasing the number of viewing points, yet decreasing the density of the 3D image. So, it is difficult to both minimize image reversal whilst achieving a high density 3D quality image. This dilemma appears to have been resolved without using a multiview 3D display, but by using only a two-view 3D display with high-density technology, its 3D image processing engine and an eye-tracking device. This system calculates the persons eye movements and varies the objects apparent position calculated on the view point without decreasing the quality of the 3D image.

3d digital signage

The picture operation software converts dual images, optimized for the main features of the auto stereoscopic display; which correspond with the observer’s eye position, are detected by the eye-tracking device, and can optimize standard viewpoints to reduce the influence of 3D errors on the display position. The system monitors the observer’s eye positions and varies the twin lenses based on the viewing angle of the object. This is a phenomenal tool for the development of 3D digital signage, where a product can be seen by the customer with an all-round view. It then becomes a virtual product, reducing the need for shop floor stock – freeing up expensive floor space.

This new 3D Technology, with the new 3D digital signage eye-tracking system, will be demonstrated at SID Display Week 2014 this week in San Diego USA.

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Shopping Malls

Shopping is becoming more of an entertainment industry than a necessity of purchasing goods, which is where digital signage comes in. Where we were once influenced by static billboard advertisements, vibrant eye-catching digital signage screens bring a myriad of images to bombard us with the latest trends, special offers and discounts, and why we should spend our hard earned money in their store. It is an art form of entertainment, where you can watch anything from a beach scene; advertising holiday essentials (and it looks so real you could run the sand through your fingers) to persuasive advertising on a imaginative and dynamic screen, where you are influenced into purchasing a brand of trainers which are the current must-have accessory.

So where is the best position for the digital signage screens to be most effective? Obviously high-traffic areas are going to be a logical locations, but consider the prospect that it could also be a crowded and popular area, where the digital screen would be obscured from view. One of the most analytical places is around the escalator, where height offers a vantage point which can not be obscured. This is suitable for anywhere, not just shopping malls, but places like sporting venues, restaurants and hotel lobbies. Also most people look around when on an escalator, and take in their surroundings.

For an interactive and way-finding facility, the digital signage screen would be located near the entrance to the shopping mall enabling the customer to plan a route around the area, taking in the stores of interest. Clever content, within the advertising digital screen, also displays appropriate advertisements, according to the data collected from the customer. For example, a teenage girl may search for trendy clothes stores, which prompts the screen to offer promotional discount codes (or coupons), either by way of a printed ticket, a QR code or a bluetooth message, to be redeemed at the till. This can also incorporate promotions for the food outlets within the mall.

Designers have been able to incorporate digital signage screens into the fabric of the building, like encasing pillars with digital signage screens, tiled wall panels, window displays or many forms of independent floor standing kiosks or platforms: some concreted into the ground, mounted onto a pedestal or set within a frame. The design of which knows no bounds, as any style or color of frame and surround can hold an electronic advertising screen.

shopping mall digital signage

Audio technology can also be incorporated, which is particularly useful for people who are hearing impaired; a speaker at head height or a headphone port allows for a verbal advertisement, information, messages or routes to be broadcast. Other considerations for physically impaired customers are screens at ergonomic heights, even for wheel chair users.

Digital signage and advertising screens can be synchronized and choreographed to run simultaneously, scheduled at pre-set time intervals or run as individual and independent screens. Research over the past 5 years on digital advertising campaigns, has shown it to be one of the most successful forms of advertising ever.