Enrolling Digital Signage Into A High School

An enterprising US high school has enrolled various digital signage screens into its premises, to interact with students, teaching and non-teaching staff and the wider community. The educational facility is also looking at integrating the digital signage system with the smart phones and hand held electronic tablets of students and parents, giving access to the school website. The uses include the day’s notifications and announcements, events, classroom changes and emergency planning procedures. Optional feeds are also broadcast to allow teachers to show information on the Smart boards in each classroom.

Influencing students with digital signage.

One sure way of getting through to children is to display TV sets around – OK so the latest block buster movie isn’t being played, but there is opportunity to supplement the investment costs by ‘selling’ advertisement space. Of course this needs to be scheduled at an appropriate and useful time, but many educational suppliers, apparel retailers and local businesses will benefit from the air time. It is also appropriate to include infomercials of; dietary information and suggestions, health and safety issues, field trip notices, after school clubs and assignment reminders. The display screens can be incorporated into the schools morning announcements; no-one has a reason for missing information. It is also handy for students to revisit and remind themselves; there is NO reason not to know!

digital signage in schools

Deciding where to place the screens is a logistical consideration, but for most educational environments, one or two in common areas; for example at the entrance, but also in large meeting areas like the cafeteria. Don’t forget the screens can be placed outdoors, particularly if they are housed within a security enclosure. This protects the digital display screen from the elements, theft and vandalism or just about anything which would stop the screen from working. Internal heating and cooling – working on a thermostatically controlled internal unit, keep the temperature constant, averting overheating and condensation build up. The viewing window allows the screen to be clearly seen in any lighting conditions, is a tough material which will not smash.

It has been embraced with interest from all age groups and demographics, with requests to include content and announcements from the diverse ‘family’ of the school. Educational budgets are geared up to include the latest technology, like digital signage screens. Many of the schools own departments are involved in producing the content for the benefit of the whole school. It gives the students an in-site into how, why, planning and delivering content, which we find all over our urban landscape. It could open up new opportunities for career development, as students see the project through from start to end. Digital signage encompasses a wide range of the curriculum and within a short space of time, should take over altogether. It is seen as an educational tool as much as an informational means of bringing awareness to staff and pupils. As far a cost is concerned, after the initial investment costs, it is much more cost effective than printing ever was, can be altered or updated at a moments notice and can include the internet for an even wider information platform, now technology has changed we update content with digital signage.