Through the Digital Signage Lens

Digital Signage ideas.

Research and exhibition statistics are all about the deployment and innovation of digital signage and where better to review the outcome than after the InfoComm annual conference. Apparently it was inspiring, informative and full of thought provoking ideas and concepts and other spring boards on which to launch innovative dynamic-place-based digital signage. Pushing the boundaries in this segment of technology is already advanced for its age, but really it leads to infinity…

One sector considering digital signage screens was the US Department of Transport, after a study of roadside dynamic digital signage safety was carried out. The results were of interest, as it was stated that CEVMS (commercial electronic variable message signs) had no significant consequence on driver safety. So, will we be seeing screen-media billboards on our roadside verges?

digital signage

Terms used in the digital signage industry.

Many terms for the general phrase ‘digital signage’ is banded about, like ‘Screen media’, ‘dynamic-place-based’ and ‘enterprise media'; all have one thing in common – they display products for sale. It could be via a brand awareness campaign, particular sale or offer or a promotional campaign, but you can be sure other names will appear for this media term.

Unsurprisingly the number of new patents has been submitted for various devices, encompassing the digital signage stage, particularly including the Eco-systems of screen displays and mobile devices in a commercial or retail setting. Also, many of the authoritative names in the game are partnering up with others to provide a package – an all-in-one system of supplying the hardware, matched with the software and installation. Screen-media display boards has been utilized by almost every sector; from owner to shopper, to traveler and including staff and students within education.

The size of a screen caused much deliberation among various stands, as the smallest screen used is generally a 26”, which suits applications like elevators, counter tops, shelving or reception desks – particularly where wall space is not accessible. And one of the most popular sizes for other screens for other areas is a 52”, with a thin bezel frame, allowing greater visibility, especially when tiled to form a video wall. 4K HD displays are the fashionable screen of the moment, as the imagery is stunning coupled with the program content and software resolution. Although slow on the uptake, 4K is the screen choice of the future, after further development and is a popular screen for retail fashion displays, museums and attraction exhibitions. After initial teething problems, one of the next technological break throughs will be laser-based projectors. Its increasing popularity comes due to its projected life span, including the 20,000 hour bulb life, an increase from 600 hours on projector bulbs currently; just the installation and maintenance costs are to overcome.

Which ever term you wish to use, at the end of the day, these screens are digital signage advertising billboards!