Projectors used outdoors for entertainment and profit

Money and fun using projectors.

Like all technology, projectors are being developed all the time, from the old OHP to the 4K projectors with awesome images. But let us look at some applications for entertainment and profit.

Projectors for profit.

outdoor projectorsIf you ever look round at a business you will see the technology that they have invested in, this can be computers, the latest smartphone and the 4K projector. Now one business sector is maximizing on the projector side and they are sports bars come restaurants. They operate during the normally daytime hours as a sports bar and when it becomes dark, the establishment transforms into an upmarket restaurant.

Now some business minded owners are using projectors outdoors, to promote discount and events on buildings, in a massive scale. One restaurant in Florida has set as ide Wednesday as couple’s night, during this time they have romantic movies shown in the secluded garden adjacent to the sports bar, helping the couples put some magic back into their relationship. This has been a huge success, with Wednesday’s restaurant reservations being booked solid, until mid-December from August!

Other bars and night clubs use these devices to promote their resident DJ’s, or special drink offers, reports ProEnc (, who are a leading manufacturer in the projector housing industry.

Outdoor entertainment.


Like flat screen TV’s, a projector are high in demand and coming down in price as new technology is launched, making outdoor entertainment at home or in the community a real possibility.

Projectors can be set up for the local home owners association and show a family movie over a weekend, when everyone can get together and share a meal. This is an ideal way to meet your neighbors and to catch up with people you may not have seen over the past few months, due to work schedules.

People are even deploying OHP’s in their backyard, so they can be entertained while they chill out in the Jacuzzi, just remember the projector needs protecting from the weather and potential theft.

There are three solutions open to people who want to put projectors outdoors, the first is buy a commercially available outdoor units, but the problem is there is nothing on the market as yet. The next option is to bring the unit in every time you have finished watching whatever the device is showing, or lastly, or use an outdoor protective housing for the device, that will provide the essential protection from the weather and theft all in one unit.

Then you are free to set the projector up once and leave it outdoors all year, now does that sound like a plan? No matter what you choose, consider your options well, as newer projectors will be launched in the next 6 months.

No matter if you are using them for profit or fun, projectors are flexible.

Baptist Churches uses Projectors to Reach Out

Projectors in Churches?

When is going to Church like going to the Cinema?, when your preacher installs projectors and screens to display the teachings of the Bible. It is not intended to be disrespectful and even enhances the scriptures to a modern day method of understanding. Imagine a themed service where speakers, music and visual graphics create a production which relays the message to hundreds of worshipers.

Worshipers want to see the service – projectors allow this.

Many worship centers now have video equipment, but it is time to upgrade and encourage new members into the union. People are expecting to see modern technology in our everyday lives, so why should church be any different? Even the elders of the churches are impressed and not at all reluctant to accept and embrace it. The visuals appeal to all demographic ranges; the content is easy to upload and adapt or amend at the click of a button.

There are many screens sizes to suit your building; height, width and length are either adjustable, adaptable or supplied to a set size. And the technology of the projectors is beyond belief (excuse the phrase!). Electronic hardware has progressed at such a rate that surely the ultimate should all have been developed by now, but no; it is evolving all the time. The clarity of the images projected onto the walls is a cost saving way of delivering the images to the audience without sacrificing the sharpness and quality of the picture. It also adds to the ambiance and tone of the service with thoughtful tones, backgrounds and even textured surfaces, which are linked to the relevance and do not detract from the sacred teachings.

projectors for churches

So where is the best place to position a projector within your place of worship? Perhaps there is access to install a projector onto a ceiling hung bracket, wall mounted bracket from a balcony or a floor standing unit; no matter where the projector is located, a remote control handset alleviates any need to have direct contact with the main unit, which also cuts down on willful or accidental interference. Being able to angle the projector gives a full floor-to-ceiling coverage when required. It is a practical and cost efficient way of modernizing the church without building work causing chaos and eliminates scene setting and building props for special events and biblical productions.

So… when is going to Church like going to the Cinema?, when your house of worship adopts projectors for an innovative form of bringing the Bible to life!