Solutions For Retail Digital Signage Success

Is your store using retail digital signage?

Faced with a myriad of electronic advertising methods, it can be difficult to find solutions for retail digital signage success, but as technology is expected by consumers, let’s narrow down the options to make the decision easier. A state-of-the-art theatrical, custom production is within many retailers reach, as it is mostly computers and screens which do the hard work. It’s just a matter of creating an interesting featured background in which to house the screens and hardware. By deploying retail digital signage, you are a step ahead of the competition, who are still using traditional forms of printed ads. The success of digital signage is so great that it is worth billions of dollars and is increasing all the time, which in turn increases your revenue, whilst keeping costs under control; in fact once the hardware has been purchased there is little else to include, other than regular content.

The results of many consumer surveys has revealed the following facts:

  • Brand awareness was constantly featured
  • One of the best locations was POS or POP (point of sale or purchase)
  • Passers by were attracted to the screens and stopped to take a look
  • Printing costs were vastly reduced and in many cases became obsolete
  • The digital signage enhanced the customer experience, by customizing and personalizing
  • Customers engaged with the application, as we are now more comfortable and familiar with electronic devices, like smart phones and tablets
  • Additional revenue can be generated by integrating with third parties
  • There is so much choice for designer software

Retail digital signage is all about getting your message across; brand awareness sells products.

retail digital signage

Customer behavior studies have shown who, when, why and what is likely to be purchased. This information is then directed into particular campaigns aimed at specific demographics to achieve the optimum results. For consumers, the in-store retail area is all about the shopping experience; if a person feels comfortable, empowered and entertained, then the greater likelihood of a positive outcome; making at purchase. Reaching out with new technology is embracing the need and desire of the potential customer.

Here are some ideas where retail digital signage is predicted to be successful:

  • Rather than waiting frustratingly in a food queue, the restaurant window converts to a touch screen where orders can be placed and even pre-paid with a wireless terminal.
  • In-store clothing ordering; you know how annoying it is when the store doesn’t stock your size or the colour you prefer, but you can order it at the click of a button whilst shopping.
  • Design-your-own; cocktails, meal starter combination or even paint colour – the options are endless. This has the benefit to the store too, by being able to quickly adjust their stock levels.
  • Most of us have used a check-in facility via a touch screen, at medical facilities or in a hotel. This digital screen can also be utilized by supplementing the information with commercials.

Most of us welcome the presence of a smile from a sales assistant, cocktail server or hotel receptionist, but there is room in our busy lives for quick access via a touch screen, which frees us up to enjoy other things.

Knowing what digital signage can do for your store, are you tempted to use retail digital signage now?