Is Cloud Based Digital Signage For You?

Would You Use Cloud Based Digital Signage?

With all the recent issues about private data stored on the cloud being made public, people are becoming cautious. But using cloud based digital signage does not have to be concerning, discover why.

We have all heard people say in meetings, I store my data on the Cloud, but if you quiz them, they will rarely know exactly where or what the Cloud is! The Cloud is a platform or software that stores data either off site on server farms or at third party service provider that specialize in secure data storage and not at your location – this is the cloud! Another reason it is called Cloud computing is that the information and data is sent over the internet and if you have watched any draw a computer network they show a cloud image as the internet.

cloud based digital signage schematic

Look at cloud based digital signage Pros and Cons.


Like everything that is not under your control, you have to rethink everything including, connectivity, cost, actual content (is it time sensitive?) and security of the cloud based digital signage solution. Digital signage in its natural process allows users to update content on the move, using the cloud can restrict this valuable asset of digital signage. Imagine you had an over stock or rain coats and your city had the worst weather in years, with torrential rain, using digital signage you could change the ads and show you have a special on the rain coats. This then helps the company sell the over stocks and increase profit for a product that has just been sat in storage!

Using cloud based digital signage also creates other challenges; one that springs to mind immediately is a security issue. As soon as the data leaves the business, anyone can intercept it and if it had sensitive information on a new product range, this could be extremely valuable to your competitors, especially if you are in
a race to market with them.

Pros of cloud based digital signage.

Now imagine, rather than having your data on a large server farm, why not use a mini WAN, this would in reality act as your own mini cloud based solution and you would own it! You can then ensure the essential security is in place, you can keep the costs down by around 63%. Historically, large enterprises have been using the Cloud, but not any longer, any business can use the same cloud based electronic signage solution and display content just like the big boys!

3G Cloud based digital signage.

3G cloud based electronic signage hardware has one main difference when compared to other advertising hardware and that is there is no need for a media player, as all the content is stored on secure mini clouds under each business name, who have total control over them.

Before cloud based signage, the ads had to be stored on some device, usually attached to the display at each location, now using 3 and 4G this is no longer a restriction, in fact it is an advantage. One restraint on deploy electronic advertising is that it has to be well planned, this meant traditionally the location had to have several power outlets, 1 for the display and 1 for the ad player now a display can be deployed anywhere with the only restriction is that it has to be near 1 plug socket to power the system. As the admin of the cloud solution, you have total control that accesses what part, so you can block, limit or approve users, making 3 and 4G digital signage very flexible.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of cloud based digital signage.