Digital school signs cost less than you think!

Digital school signs – good or bad?

With the popularity of digital school signs, schools see the cost as a barrier, however now there is a cost effective solution that will fit in every developing schools budget. Enabling teachers to communicate with parents in a simple yet affective manner as reported on Digital Signage Today.

Education is a three way partnership; the school, the pupil and home, using electronic signs can inform parents of future tests, examinations and what the child needs to revise. A more day to day benefit may be to remind the parents of the end of year school trip, when deposits are required, what clothes to wear.

The school has become a super secure environment in the past 5 years, with most doors having access control on them; this prevents anyone who should not be in school and a potential threat to our children to be kept out. It also stops parents from going into school at the end of the day to have a chat with the teacher. This is one way the digital school signs are effective in providing the support from school for teachers. If a parent needs to discuss a child’s development the correct procedure is to contact the school and make an official appointment.

Challenges within schools.

digital school signs

Not only do the teachers have challenges delivering lessons, in some instances they also encounter challenges from unruly pupils. It has been reported that the number off physical attacks on teachers from pupils is on the increase, these pupils when removed from a class room situation may lash out and if a digital sign is near by, the frustration the pupil has, may end up being vented at the school sign. This is why most digital school signs are located in public areas, such as reception areas or they are protected with indoor screen housings. Keeping them out of “harms way”, ensures the pupil does not harm themselves on a screen that has been damaged, accidentally or on purpose.

Digital school signs cost?

Digital school sign costs can dramatically be reduced, when the installer takes it under their wing and creates an income stream for the school, by finding local businesses that wish to advertise on the digital signs within the school. In some instances the schools can earn around £2500 per year from ads on their digital signage network, that can be managed to ensure the content is in keeping with the schools media policies. Companies that tend to advertise are school uniform suppliers, travel agents, restaurants and even taxis, these ads are aimed at primary school parents, when they drop off or collect their children.

Some company’s offer a complete solution, from installing the signs within the school, configuration and then updating the content. Some even provide training to staff, but if the digital advertising hardware is managed, this takes a massive headache away from the school. With everything dealt with by a third party, that is just a phone call away.  Using displays for advertising and marketing is a good idea and expect to see more of digital school signs.