Dynamic Advertising & LCD Enclosure Units

Dynamic advertising is a unique way for any business to market a brand, especially in this day and age of technology. Using a protective LCD enclosure now allows, almost anyone with a flat panel display such as plasma, LED or LCD to install them in outdoor and indoor spaces that have been previously deemed too risky.

Discover who uses a dynamic advertising LCD enclosure.

When someone is asked, if they have seen a flat panel protective housing, the question is usually answered with a questioning look. The reason is, we really do not notice them, for example if you go to a soccer stadium, or football stadium, the displays used to broadcast the game, highlights and future events are all in some form of protective housing, that are called LCD enclosures. The steel housings protect the hardware inside from hooligans and angry fans. So with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil just around the corner, many of these units have been supplied to locations, so that supporting fans can watch their team play and rally them on.

Another place that these protective boxes can be found is in transportation hubs, here the passenger information details are provided. This normally consists of a commercial grade flat panel display and a small computer to run the transit information and the advertisements, all connected up to form a network around the transit center, so that all the displays synchronize at the same time to provide information in real time. With transit locations being an open area most of the day, the hardware is under possible threat of damage every day, so protecting the hardware is one way to ensure the longevity of the display is at its maximum.

Bars and restaurants have also used these units to protect their outdoor digital signage solutions. Especially at the beach or near harbors, as the salt air can harm the displays in weeks, calcifying the internal circuit boards so much the digital signs no longer work. So, the best option is to put the display into a weatherproof LCD enclosure, this makes certain no matter if the weather is snowing, raining or bright sun shine the hardware is protected. But in this high sea salt application, the only solution that will last is a stainless steel digital signage enclosure; these are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. That has a much higher quantity of Chromium in its composition to prevent rusting.

Why bother with protecting the hardware?

LCD enclosure

You may ask the question above, but the truth is, if you have invested in a dynamic advertising project you want it to succeed. If any of the components in the system fail, due to the weather or theft, the project is stopped in its tracks and is not making a return on the investment. This is a frightening thought, imagine if you have invested you own hard earned money to develop your brand and the display gets damaged with a hooligan, you have no option but to replace the display, yet, if the display was in a protective LCD enclosure the hardware would be kept safe and away from harm.

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Shopping Malls

Shopping is becoming more of an entertainment industry than a necessity of purchasing goods, which is where digital signage comes in. Where we were once influenced by static billboard advertisements, vibrant eye-catching digital signage screens bring a myriad of images to bombard us with the latest trends, special offers and discounts, and why we should spend our hard earned money in their store. It is an art form of entertainment, where you can watch anything from a beach scene; advertising holiday essentials (and it looks so real you could run the sand through your fingers) to persuasive advertising on a imaginative and dynamic screen, where you are influenced into purchasing a brand of trainers which are the current must-have accessory.

So where is the best position for the digital signage screens to be most effective? Obviously high-traffic areas are going to be a logical locations, but consider the prospect that it could also be a crowded and popular area, where the digital screen would be obscured from view. One of the most analytical places is around the escalator, where height offers a vantage point which can not be obscured. This is suitable for anywhere, not just shopping malls, but places like sporting venues, restaurants and hotel lobbies. Also most people look around when on an escalator, and take in their surroundings.

For an interactive and way-finding facility, the digital signage screen would be located near the entrance to the shopping mall enabling the customer to plan a route around the area, taking in the stores of interest. Clever content, within the advertising digital screen, also displays appropriate advertisements, according to the data collected from the customer. For example, a teenage girl may search for trendy clothes stores, which prompts the screen to offer promotional discount codes (or coupons), either by way of a printed ticket, a QR code or a bluetooth message, to be redeemed at the till. This can also incorporate promotions for the food outlets within the mall.

Designers have been able to incorporate digital signage screens into the fabric of the building, like encasing pillars with digital signage screens, tiled wall panels, window displays or many forms of independent floor standing kiosks or platforms: some concreted into the ground, mounted onto a pedestal or set within a frame. The design of which knows no bounds, as any style or color of frame and surround can hold an electronic advertising screen.

shopping mall digital signage

Audio technology can also be incorporated, which is particularly useful for people who are hearing impaired; a speaker at head height or a headphone port allows for a verbal advertisement, information, messages or routes to be broadcast. Other considerations for physically impaired customers are screens at ergonomic heights, even for wheel chair users.

Digital signage and advertising screens can be synchronized and choreographed to run simultaneously, scheduled at pre-set time intervals or run as individual and independent screens. Research over the past 5 years on digital advertising campaigns, has shown it to be one of the most successful forms of advertising ever.

Dynamic Advertising

We are here to discuss and showcase some dynamic advertising solutions that are simple to re-create, but yield a high profit margin. We hopefully some of these articles will bring you an insight into dynamic advertising hardware and the applications.

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