Tablet Digital Signage Sweeping England

Tablet digital signage solutions.

Many people may have encountered tablet digital signage, yet recently the growth in England has been tremendous. From major retails to restaurants, they are all using mobile tablet devices to promote their businesses.

Retail tablet digital signage.

tablet digital signage

Argos who is the main shopping catalog store in the UK, with retail outlets in every city, some even have two retail outlets! The brand used a large printed catalog with all the products in and was created per season. The costs must have been expensive as these catalogs were in colour and even after proof reading before the print run, errors are found in the fully completed, bound catalog. They have now deployed digital signage in the form of tablets in stores rather than the bulky brochures. If anyone knows the catalog they will testify that the weight is a lot!

Restaurant digital signage using a tablet.

Restaurant digital advertising is another use for tablets, as here they can be used to build a list of subscribers to send updates too and offers. They get the customer to interact and review the dining facility whilst they are there; if a problem presents itself the manager can resolve it (hopefully) immediately. The customer completes a short survey and enters either their email or cell phone number to receive promotional offers. Some cafes even use tablets to present the menu along with complimentary drinks. One such outlet is a specialist tea shop that has over 200 teas, so you can choose either the food or drink and the tablet will recommend the best match for food or beverage.

Mom and pop stores.

Any small local business with an office or counter can use a tablet to promote products and services they offer. In the reception it may feature the main business activities then demonstrate the new services or products added. On a counter top this solution may show over stocks at a reduced rate on the original sales price, making it more tempting to prospects and at the same time boosting the bottom line of the store.

Benefits of tablet digital signage.

As in the example of Argos, errors can be spotted in the printed catalog and reprinting the section, page or brochure would be too expensive and the lead time would be too long. Tablet digital signage allows the retail outlet to edit a promotion at any time of the day, they can add a new line when it has restocked, as well as up selling offers, all down to the units being controlled over the internet and Argos even offer free WIFI connection in store for customers when shopping. This is one store that has not been affected by showcasing.


With everything positive, there has to be negative, the yin and yang of life! The bad is that these units have to be secured otherwise the hardware has a habit of vanishing. Also make sure when using tablet devices that the screen is locked to the page you want, this stops the user of the tablet from browsing the internet on the tablet. You would not like to hand the tablet to a family after a group of guys have been looking at adult sites!

Digital signage is growing and with the low cost of tablets, makes tablet digital signage an option for any business.