Outdoor Projector Use For Advertising And Entertaining

Outdoor projector for advertising.

Event management companies have seen an opportunity, by using projectors outdoor to promote an event in the form of advertising or just for entertainment value. But there are many other ways to use projectors outdoors.

Projectors or OHP as they were once called, OHP stands for Over Head Projector and acetate was used to draw on or write on and the image was then projected onto a screen. Allowing others to see the message, we then saw them in the early 2000’s being used heavily in school and educational facilities to deliver the lesson to the pupils. So you see from this little snapshot, the projector has come a huge distance from the 1990’s to 2000. Then in the past year the 4K digital projector has been launched, but currently it is not as popular due to the costs involved.

outdoor projector

With the technology developing for projectors and the arrival of the 4K digital projectors, we have to look at the units for an outdoor home cinema, as the price has dropped now, becoming affordable for most households. Using a projector outdoor connected to a cable box will allow the football game, favorite programs to be displayed outdoors, on a garage wall for example. Allowing the home owner to enjoy life more; too many working hours during the week, then having super quality time with the family at the weekend is a perfect lifestyle balance. Imagine just kicking back in the hot tub watching your favorite show with your family.

Outdoor projector for bar advertising.

Bar advertising can now be used to promote guest DJ’s, guest beers and even events such as the soccer World Cup, this allows the bar to maximize their investment in the hardware, by increasing profits from sales of beverages. For example, during the current World Cup, you could have a message pop up on the projector wall that says half time and new beer coming up, 2 for 1 at $x. Then during half time they can refill and the bar make more profit. If the bar has its own car lot, they could use that to mount a projector in an outdoor projector enclosure to protect it from the weather. And project an image or video of a visiting music maestro with the time and date of the visit to promote the event to passing customers. Using the actual building as the screen, what a unique idea!

Restaurant advertising can use the hardware as a form as advertising as the bars could, but the restaurants can use them in a more entertaining way. They could also promote other third party, non-competing businesses on the hardware. As an example, a vacation rental may advertise and a couple, who are a romantic date, may see it and book a romantic break because of the advert. Another way would be for someone to see an ad for a local taxi cab company, realizing they had too much to drink and order a cab ride home, picking up the car the following day. Promotional meals could be advertised or even community events promoted through the projector.

Religious worship centers are using all kinds of technology to get the word of God across and that included projectors. Some are using indoor as well as outdoor digital signage hardware, to promote community events, as well as informing people. These are used to educate people on how much giving goes to the community, how the congregation’s donations are distributed and how the religious center is helping the community in need. Some floor standing electronic signs are used to engage with the congregation to celebrate other members birthdays or naming days. Most religious centers have white interiors, ideal for a projector hence the reason for the uptake of using projectors indoors. Now you can use an outdoor projector, too.