How Smaller Stores Use Digital Media Screens

Small Digital Media Screens For Small Businesses.

When we think of digital signage, it I assumed that only the giants within the retail sector can afford to deploy it, but that is not the case; look at how the smaller stores use digital media screens for promotions too. In a recent report on Digital Signage Today this was covered.

Typically, ‘Mom and Pop’ stores are being left behind as investment in technology is not as important, or possibly they don’t understand digital signage. Larger companies have dedicated departments and resources to create advertising campaigns, whereas smaller chain stores or even single outlets are not using them to increase business and ultimately revenue.

digital media screens

Having the confidence to approach digital signage and replace the old fashioned, traditional forms of adverts, like paper posters, leaflets, fliers and billboards. Paper becomes tatty, lost and discarded, even if there is a promotional coupon attached, whereas revolutionary technology can target audiences, schedule multiple adverts and offer special offers via blue tooth and QR codes, accessible by way of a smart phone or compatible electronic device. Manufacturers have realized the fact that small business owners want to communicate better with their customers and give a quality of awareness of the stores special offers and other relevant messages. A digital signage poster is the best way to do this, as it can be located in a position where most customers will appreciate its impact and the content can be updated, amended or changed in a very short time; jut at the click of a button.

Business owners realize the importance of digital media screens.

The store owners, who recognize that digital signage is the most effective and cost efficient method of advertising, will benefit the most from accepting their business needs and embracing a digital makeover! The screens are most suitably 40 and 48” and provide a complete platform for broadcasting dynamic content highlighting new promotions, special offers, product information and associated services on a live TV channel for on-premises customer service as well as entertainment. Wireless connectivity from a laptop, or electronic device will instantly broadcast, publish and amend content, or alternatively the information can be pre-loaded onto a USB. This adaptable and flexible electronic kit will deliver so much more than the average small store owner could ever have dreamed of and at a reasonable investment.

Who is digital signage suitable for?

  • Grocery Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Medical Facilities
  • Pop-Up Stores and many more

All that is required, basically; a power supply, a laptop/electronic device/USB, a screen (commercial grade, not a home use TV) and somewhere to work from/hang the screen. So what are you waiting for, keep up with the technology…

If this is of interest, you may want to look into the subject of small business advertising using digital media screens.